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One Billion Plus: Dream
Birds and Butterflies
Birds, Beetles, Butterflies and Bees
Butterfly Blessing
Daydreaming I
Daydreaming II
Flowers on my face
Making Magic
Peacock on a purple tree
Shadow on the stairs
"Everything you can imagine is real" - Pablo Picasso

We all dream.

Our dreams don't take up space, crowd or pollute our breathing air or cause any harm. Infact they inspire us to move mountains and create a more wonderful world.

Dreams open up closed minds and make us wander in the realms of magic and miracles. Strangely many dreams become our miraculous realities just by simply willing them to be. So dream on......

I have painted a few of my own....... the world around me, as I'd like it to be......

Everyday is a surprise. Every moment that I breathe has a wonderous newness--- I feel alive and in the moment......

Often the best ideas come to you during your most relaxed moments. Just sitting and staring. Quiet reflection in stillness and silence. Refreshing and inspiring.

If you were offered 5 minutes of joy, grab it!!
An open mind can make one free to travel spaces and enjoy experiences far beyond comprehension. Dream......make your soul dance to the tune of the whole.

Dreams enable us to magically accomplish the impossible. I dream of making magic on my canvas and my canvas is the whole Universe......

Sitting on grass so green,
Under old leaf laden trees,
With curious cuddly cat to enjoy
Busy blue purple butterflies
nature dancing in the breeze
As flowers shower a beautiful blessing of bliss......
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