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One Billion Plus: Gods and Goddesses
Dancing Devi
Kali (in green)
Kali amidst flowers
Romancing Radha
Krishna and cows
Shiva and Family
Shiva and Sati
The Celebration
The Dancer and the Flautist
Watching Krishna
Yet another manifestation of our imagination. Heroic tales of beautiful people who did the most amazing, miraculous deeds, who, in our minds are perfect----- Our Gods and Goddesses. Apparently there are around 300 million dieties that are revered from amongst our one billion plus.

Totally in over abundance, these mythical, magical characters who inspire us to create-----be it music, dance, art or architecture. We have exalted them, placed them on pedestals and aspired to be as like them as possible for centuries. Stories, myths, legends, that surround our Gods and Goddesses depict them to have characters, personalities, behavior which is intrinsically human. In these works, they are shown enjoying the everyday and the ordinary. Romancing, teasing, dancing, singing, loving, laughing, celebrating......

A gentle reminder that perhaps life was meant to be all of this......
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