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One Billion Plus: Urbanesque
Church, Mosque and Mandir
Cows, Cars and Condominiums
Huts and Highrises
Huts, houses and Highrises
Traffic jam
Wired I
Wired II
"Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth" - Pablo Picasso

Is this a city we live in or an illusion of a city? In reality we are stuck in a traffic jam......constantly!!

Crowds, construction, cars, cows all engulfed in grey colour
Traffic, trucks, tractors and treeless terror
Drilling drones dusty and digging
Screeching breaks, honking horns, moaning buses and groaning flyovers
Grunts and groans of an evergrowing giant city.
I look
I Watch
I wonder
How did we do this to ourselves

Homes, highrises, huts, traffic, lost animals and birds, churches, mosques, mandirs, wires, cables, power towers.......we have an overdose of everything.

In the midst of grey, I see colour......perhaps a sign of hope for a tomorrow that will be brighter with every next tomorrow

What I see unfolding before my eyes. Am sure you see it too......

We are all here living side by side, creating beauty for all to behold as one.
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